The Bloom Project

Starting with a desire to see a more unified and flowing tattoo esthetic, Michele Wortman embarked on an artistic journey to redefine options for women wanting a lighter, softer, balanced look that gave careful consideration to the flow and fit of the body. 


This ambition stemmed from her personal experience as a tattoo collector and how it felt to wear tattoos that did not sit right with her sensibilities which she discovered in hindsight from collecting tattoo work.


Michele felt the need for her own tattoos to be softer, more fluid and lighter in weight and tone. This was 1995 and by 1998 she was making adjustments to her tattoo collection to change it to this imagined vision while picking up a tattoo machine to see what could be done.


So began the quest to tattoo and create. As Michele built her clientele many started with shoulder cap coverage, and gradually her clients found themselves inking their way down to full sleeves and beyond. 

Michele documented this process by doing photoshoots of her clients of which many were floral themed pieces. She thought about this symbolic representation and her own story likening it to that of a flower in Bloom. 


This process of unfolding, adding layers over time and personal transformation reminded her of how a bloom opens to flower. With this realization the Bloom Project was born.


The Bloom Project

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Flight and Flowers Bodyset

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